2 Pot Gelato Machine


Click here for Spec Sheet INST21

Each pot of a machine is controlled by an electronic control panel. This is designed to make the operation as easy and automatic as possible in order to not require skilled personnel. The controller takes care of the different operating modes.

  • The “F” key is used to select the operating modes
  • “Start/Stop” is used to start or stop the machine for each operating mode

Product serving and removal
The product can either be served directly to the customer from the pot or be removed for storage or cleaning. In the first case open the top lid to serve the product and then close it immediately. In the second case stop the machine first and then proceed with the removal

Product top-up
The machine has been designed so that the operator adds more mixture (top-up) when the product level has reached 50 %.

Electronic control panel
The control panel makes the use of this machine extremely easy. Each flavor is a recipe and the operator simply has to select the name and press “Start”. Each recipe has pre-set parameters that ensure the best result in terms of taste and texture.

Machine Components

Made of clear plastic and allows operation to be seen.

Safety magnetic switch
A double switch that stops and restores working condition.

Scoop washing tub water switch
This ON/OFF switch controls the valve supplying water for the tub.

Sprayer water switch
This ON/OFF switch controls the valve supplying water for the sprayer.

Water sprayer
This sprayer with flexible pipe can be used to wash the pot.

Air condenser
A 4 layer condenser with copper pipes and aluminum fins, with single phase cooling fan.

Thermostatic valve
The refrigerant expansion in this component is controlled by a thermostatic valve.

Motor and Gearbox
It is single phase with gearbox; mixer rotates at speeds up to 100 rpm.

Scoop washing tub
This tub rinses the scoop and is provided with water inlet and drainage.

This device rotates and mixes the content in the pot.

This item removes the material built-up on the surfaces.

Gelato making pot
Made with AISI304 stainless steel; easy to sanitize.

A hermetic model (NEK2168GK) using R404. It is loaded with 270 grams of refrigerant.

An inverter is used to control the mixer speed.


Model – INST21
Production – 20
Cycle Load – 5,0
Refrigerant – R404
Condensation – Air/Water
Control – Microprocessor + Inverter e graphic LCD
Power (kw) – 1,48
Power Supply – 230/240V-50hz – 120/230V-60HZ
Material Cabin Structure – AISI 304
Dimension LXPXH(mm) – 715x620x955
Net Weight (kg) – 138
Consumption(kwh) – 1,20 0,32 3,20