Ice Cream Machines
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Revolutionizing The Frozen Dessert Industry


The BGI line of continuous churning machines simplifies and perfects the production of fresh churned ice cream, gelato and other frozen desserts. The industry leading machines provide the flexibility and control to churn a variety of desserts with precision resulting in an extremely well crafted product.

Answering the consumer demand for high quality product in an age of mass production, the BGI Continuous Churning Machines allow small batches of ice cream or gelato to be handcrafted in a fraction of the time required by traditional freezers.

Designed to simplify the frozen dessert production process, the BGI product line is not only efficient, it eliminates the need for a highly experienced and costly artisan gelato chef. With the BGI Continuous Churning Machine, you become the chef. Simply pour in the ready-made mix into the machine and with the press of a button, you can craft and churn exceptional frozen desserts in minutes.

Churn artisan flavors that can be enjoyed directly from the barrel – the technology is new, the process is nostalgic and the taste is undeniably special.