Undeniably Special Taste of Artisan Flavors

We will provide you with all the incredible items that you need to make your own personalized memorably delicious products. Our leading lines of products are well known for their high standard quality. We are a full service distributor of food service disposables, exceptionally fresh ingredients, top quality liquid mixtures and equipments invented by world-leading technology. All that we do is to add efficiency to productions of our partners in the frozen dessert industry and help you discover new ways to work with your favorite products and leave all costumers filled with wonder!

When it comes to gelato, ice cream and dessert, the final product is only as good as the ingredients used to makeit. Purity of flavor, marriage of ingredients, richness of consistency and smoothness of texture – that is what separates a good product from a great one. It is also why we pay such careful attention and have established such high standards of quality. We source with care and only offer ingredients we personally use in our kitchen. Also as a part of our specialties, we offer an all-natural pure fruit Acai and Pitaya base that is ready to be freshly preparedand served straight out of the BGI machines.